Fossil shark teeth collection

Curator: Eugenia Baykina.


113 010 specimens and dates back to the mid-50s of the 20th century. Formed by a renowned paleichthyologist from St. Petersburg Leonid Glickman, it contains specimens from various regions of Ukraine, the Volga region, Kazakhstan, and Soviet Central Asia.

Today it includes material collected by V.I. Zhelezko and V.A. Kozlov (Yekaterinburg), as well as fragmented material from other private collectors.

The collection is of great scientific value as its materials provided the necessary information for Leonid Glickman to write two extensive monographs - “Paleogene Sharks and Their Stratigraphic Significance” (Moscow, 1964) and “The Evolution of Cretaceous and Cenozoic Lamnoid Sharks” (Moscow, 1980), as well as several articles in which the author defines several new species and genera. The type material (holotypes) representing new taxa significantly increases the collection’s scientific value.

The collection is of significant interest to paleontologists with various specializations.

shark teeth 

Teeth of a fossil shark (Striatolamia usakensis Glickman).


Ammonite (Simbirskites sp.).


Brachiopods (Choristites sp.).