Open daily: 10:00 — 18:00, except Monday and January 1st
Last entry 17:30
Thursday: 13:00 — 21:00 – only for the exhibition complex

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Getting here

Museum address: Moscow, Vavilova str., 57 →

Bag searches and large luggage:

for everyone’s safety all bags, rucksacks, packages and personal items may be searched before entry. Wheeled cases and large items of luggage are not allowed in the exhibition halls, they may be left at your own risk at the entrance, next to the security guard office. Storage for luggage is available at railway stations.


We hope that all visitors of Darwin museum enjoy their experience. So we made our museum available for all categories of visitors, including those who require assistance.The following accessibility symbols are used in the museum: - available for blind and visually impaired visitors - available for deaf and hard of hearing visitors - available for visitors with mobility disabilitiesThe museum is equipped with ramps (including portable), lifts, and recreation areas.There are specially equipped toilets with changing tables for babies on the 0 level of the main building and the 1 level of the temporary exhibition complex.If you need assistance, please contact the manager in charge of the museum building by phone (available in all halls):Main building: 300Temporary exhibitions complex: 400Additional service- You can get rental wheelchairs in the entrance area of the museum (free of charge);- All tactile exhibits are labeled in Braille.- There are rental charts of the route around the museum for blind visitors (free of charge);The parking spaces for disabled are marked with special signs.


Discover more about the Museum’s collections through expert commentaries from curators in your own language. The audio guide is available in English and in Russian. To get the audioguide connect your smartphone to Moscow_WiFi_Free. Download Izi.Travel App or open Izi.Travel web page. Read the QR codes on showcases with your smartphone and learn interesting facts about the exhibits. Find the detailed manual of “Audioguide in your pocket” in main exhibition halls.


Enjoy a wide selection of homemade food at “Darvin” café on 0 level of the main building.Daily: 10.00 – 18.00Monday: ClosedTry delicious pizza according to original Italian recipe, homemade lemonade, milkshakes and various pastries at “Janis” café on 0 level of the temporary exhibitions center.Daily: 10.00 – 18.00Thursday: 13.00 – 21.00Monday: ClosedTo order group meals contact in advance or +7 (905) 779-89-86, +7 (926)479-21-87Packed lunches can be eaten in both cafes. We have caféboosters for children.


For emergency please contact the Guided tours office at the ground floor, on the left from the ticket office, or call 115 using local phone (available in every exhibition hall). Cell/mobile phones and smartphones can be recharged at the entrance to the museum, near the interactive centre “Cognize yourself – Discover the World”. REMEMBER that It is not safe to leave your phone charging and continue to explore exhibition halls. There are comfortable couches for you to relax while waiting for the phone to be recharged. Toilets can be found on level 0 at the Permanent exhibition complex and at the Temporary exhibitions complex on levels 0, 1, 2, 3. Baby changing facilities are found on levels 0 at the Permanent exhibition complex and 1 at the Temporary exhibitions complex in the restroom for disabled. The elevator for the disabled people is located to the right from the main entrance, next to the security guard post. Other elevators in the main building are located in all exhibition halls and can be used by disabled and/or elderly visitors, as well as by visitors with baby carriages. Elevators in the temporary exhibitions building can be used by all visitors.


Main building: Permanent exhibitionFirst FloorSecond FloorThird Floor


In exhibition halls you will find interactive displays, where you can listen to birds or frogs singing, touch bears and other animals, weigh yourself and find out how many parrots and other animals can fit inside of you, etc.There is a playground for children on level 3 of the main building and comfortable couch for parents. Comfortable couches, ice-cream booth and amusement rides for toddlers can also be found on level 0.For children of all ages and their parents there is “Walk the path of evolution” interactive exhibition on level 4 of the temporary exhibitions complex and “Cognize yourself – Discover the world” interactive educational centre on level 1 of the main building.Don’t forget to visit our live exhibition – insectarium on level 1 of the temporary exhibitions complex and to see dinosaurs models outside of the museum, where you can take a walk on an ECO-path and let your children play in a sandbox.Attention! There is no elevator between level 0 and 1 in the main building, therefore keep in mind that it might take more effort and time to get with little children from the exhibition hall to the toilets or the cloak room.