Archive collection

Curator: Peter Plyutto.

9 792 objects, including scientific documents and research papers, as well as correspondence.

The basis of this collection is the personal archive of the Museum’s founder and first director Alexander Kohts, his spouse - zoopsychologist Nadezhda Ladygina-Kohts, as well as some other employees who worked at the Museum since the very beginning.

The collection includes personal archives of an animalist artist Michael Ezuchevsky, who used to work for Darwin museum, and the one of his father – a renowned physicist Dmitry Ezuchevsky, as well as the archive of a prominent Russian scientist, zoologist and naturalist remembered for his work on mammalogy Sergey Ognev.

5 genuine letters of Charles Darwin, addressed to Dr. A. Ernst, are of special historical and cultural value. 

Currently, the Archive collection is being systematized and cataloged.  

A letter from Francis Darwin, the son of Charles Darwin, to Dr. A. Ernst.

A letter from Charles Darwin to Dr. A. Ernst.

The noble birth certificate of Michael Ezuchevsky, 1903.