Sculptures collection

Curator: V. Udaltsova.

The collection holds 1 331 artworks – both monumental and small sculptures  made of plaster, marble, ceramics, porcelain, terracotta, chamotte, wood, bronze, and other metals.


Some notable monumental sculptures were made by V.A. Vatagin, K.K. Flerov, and V.V. Trofimov - plaster sculptures of various animals, both fossil and living, usually life-size. These works are remarkable for their impeccable scientific authenticity, the beauty of postures and forms, the elegance of lines.

Of great interest is the extensive series of reconstructions of primitive man (busts) made in full size in tinted plaster by M.M. Gerasimov, many of which are part of the museum’s permanent exhibition.


Since the beginning of the 1980s the museum has been collecting small animalistic sculptures, including the artworks of V.V. Trofimov, A.V. Marts, A.M. Belashov, M.G. Ostrovskaya, D.Ya. Uspensky, B.Ya. Vorobyev, G.N. Popandopulo, O.V. Malysheva, A.S. Tsvetkov, S.A. Kazansky, S.E. Peshekhonov, and other authors. The exhibits of this collection are often used at various temporary exhibitions held at the museum.

Moeritherium (on the left) and Palaeomastodon by K.K. Flerov. Plaster.

A pheasant by S.A. Kazansky. Bronze.

A walking mandrill by B.A. Vorobiev. Chamotte.