A living collection of woody and herbaceous plants

An environmental path of the State Darwin Museum began to actively take shape in 2007. A living collection of woody and herbaceous plants occupies an area of 1600 square metres and situated on the former construction site.

Here you can find exotic woody and herbaceous plants from different areas of the world neighbouring side by side with botanic representatives of Central Russia surrounded by aggressive environment of modern megapolis.

Walking down the path you can see 26 tree species, 42 shrub species, 43 species of perennial herbaceous plants and a variety of annual plants in a warm season. All plants along the path are well-adapted to living in a big city. There are smaller paths for visitors to come closer and look at the most interesting plants. The labels are given information in Braille. Now there is an interactive panel where you can read about all plants of the path as well as play different games. Visitors can walk the path independently or book a guided tour.