Graphics collection

Curator: Antonina Nefedova


9 234 specimens, including all kinds of graphic works - drawings (pencil, ink, drybrush, sanguine, pastel, sauce, felt-tip pen), watercolors (colored, grisaille), mixed media (watercolor-gouache, watercolor-tempera, gouache-tempera, and other combinations), lithography, linocut, woodcut, etching.

Graphic works of various topics. Basically, these are sketches from life and various kinds of plot compositions (often sketches) by the leading Russian animalist artists of the classical school - V.A. Vatagin, V.V. Trofimov, V.A. Belyshev, K.K. Flerov, N.N. Kondakov, E.E. Nikolsky, A.N. Komarov, A.N. Formozov, G.N. Glickman, as well as artists of a later period - L.V. Khinshtein, I.P. Makoveeva, S.V. Tsigal, V.A. Gorbatov, M.M. Kukunov, V.M. Smirin.

Book illustrations for various scientific, popular science, fiction, and children's books by V.V. Trofimov, N.N. Kondakov, O.F. Khludova, V.A. Belyshev, A.N. Komarov, G.E. Nikolsky, and other authors.

The jewel of the museum collection is a series of graphic images of monkeys depicting their emotional manifestations and psychological state by Vasily Vatagin, as well as scientific graphic reconstructions of fossil animals by Konstantin Flerov. They were commissioned specifically for the future museum’s permanent exhibition.


In addition to works of the animalistic genre, the collection also contains graphic works on historical topics, such as pastels by Mikhail Ezuchevsky on the history of the natural science topic.


"The family of lynx" by A.N. Komarov. Dry brush on paper, 1969.


"An eagle with prey" by A.N. Komarov.Oil tinted autolithograph, the 1950s.