Fish collection

Curator: Yury Mylosyerdov.

294 taxidermied freshwater and marine fish, as well as bones mainly of Chondrichthyes. The collection was formed rather spontaneously and consists of occasional donations from various sources. Recently the museum has been receiving material from the Moscow Zoo aquarium and the Terrarium Center. Most of the specimens from this collection were used in the Museum’s permanent exhibition, such as the Coral Reef diorama.


Of undoubted interest is a series of 26 rostrums of various types of Sawfishes, also known as carpenter sharks (Common, Green, Smalltooth sawfish and others) of various sizes, clearly illustrating intraspecific and age-related variability, as well as the jaws of various species of sharks (tiger, oceanic whitetip, grey nurse shark) and rays. These materials were purchased long ago from the company Umlyauf (Hamburg, Germany). In addition, the collection contains a good selection of taxidermied boxfishes and pufferfish.

Shark jaws. Sand tiger shark (Carcharius taurus Raf.) on the left. Oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharinus longimanus Poey) on the right.

A fragment of the Coral Reef showcase of the Museum’s permanent exhibition.