Temporary Exhibitions: A brand-new special exhibition complex offers to you a wide range of temporary exhibitions. Dinosaurs: Enjoy the moving and roaring prehistoric monsters - at the beginning of every hour at our permanent exhibition, at the third floor. Not recommended for children under 3 years. The gallery of live insects: You can see chrysalis turns Papillion. Enormous cockroaches, beetles. On the first floor of our Exhibition Complex. The living scale: Get to know your weight calculated in those of mice, elephants, cats, bears etc. At the permanent exhibition, third floor, Zoogeography hall. The Ecological Center of Moscow: Do your aware of the ecological situation in Moscow and Moscow district? Get the full information upon the place you are interested. Print out and take away the Ecological Passport. On the second floor, permanent exhibition. Take a look inside! Have a tour trough the Museum storage. You will see the life at other side of the exhibitions. Never seen before! On the second floor, permanent exhibition. Bird's voices: Just press the bottom and enjoy birds songs from our audio collection. On the second floor of our permanent exhibition. Exploring the Living Planet: A stunning large-format film at two large screens explores the living nature, narrated by stuff-member of SDM Gennady Kurilin. The powerful dolby-surround sound, luminous effects. Showed every day at 4.00 PM. On Saturday and Sunday midday, 2.00 PM, 4.30 PM. At the Central Hall of Our Museum. Contacts and Enquiries: info@darwinmuseum.ru For press pr@darwinmuseum.ru Fax +007 499 7632254 Phone +007 499 1320202

"Cognize yourself – Discover the world"

The interactive educational center "Cognize yourself – discover the world" – under this slogan opens a new interactive educational center in the Darwin Museum, the most unique in the world. The Center will be enlightening in a very unusual way: instead of schoolbook – modern technologies and aspiration after the new knowledge is feasible by hands. More than 100 interactive exhibit items and programs will help both adults and children to discover the "old new world" – the world of living nature and man, the world in which we use to live for so long, but which, as it turns out, we know so little. The State Darwin Museum has prepared for all Moscowites an unusual present to the Knowledge Day – the new interactive educational center "Cognize yourself – discover the world". The area of the Center is about 200 square meters, and the whole space, from floor to ceiling, interacts with the visitors, literally surrounding with the new knowledge about the world from all sides. Using an advanced computer technology the world became a three-dimensional, interactive and opens to a dialogue. It communicates with you not in the language of words but in the language of feelings, affecting on all organs of perception. Absolutely everyone, from young to old, will be able to make for themselves a small but important discovery: to see the world through the eyes of a dragonfly, measure its strength, speed of reaction and the work of the vestibular system, and through the cognition of microenvironment and comparison with other living organisms to discover a man's place in the Universe. Here is like in the fantasy Fairyland, transforming the space by itself: in the floor spread out a river with shoals of fish and coastal inhabitants, tiny cells have grown up to the size of a ripe watermelon, and the giant continents obeyed to a human hand movement. With the help of innovative technologies, even to be unsuspicious about it, you become the main character of a fantastic future. In search of a life you look under the crowns of trees, will soar to a skyward after a migratory birds, dive to the bottom of the world ocean and would open a door to the mysterious world of the cell. The highlight of the Centre is the possibility for visitors of an independent familiarity with the exhibition: an interesting assignments, games and interactive exhibit items are excluding the need in the guide and offer an opportunity to come as often as you want. You can choose the depth of diving into the ocean of new knowledge: from passive contemplation to an active participation in all processes. The exposition of the Center consists of different levels, which makes it accessible for adults and kids as well as for people with special needs. Over a distance of three years the development of the Center was carried out by the working group headed by the author of the idea – the Director of the Darwin Museum Anna Klukina, museum experts and designers. The ambitious plans of the main ideologists of the Museum could have been implemented thanks to the latest technologies. The modern computer equipment of the Centre and designer's visualization became possible thanks to the Department of science, Industrial policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow and to Moscow Department of Culture. An artistic solution of the Center was created with the support of the permanent partner of the Museum, distinguished artist of the Russian Federation A.N. Konov.