Temporary Exhibitions: A brand-new special exhibition complex offers to you a wide range of temporary exhibitions.

Dinosaurs: Enjoy the moving and roaring prehistoric monsters - at the beginning of every hour at our permanent exhibition, at the third floor. Not recommended for children under 3 years.

The gallery of live insects: You can see chrysalis turns Papillion. Enormous cockroaches, beetles. On the first floor of our Exhibition Complex.

The living scale: Get to know your weight calculated in those of mice, elephants, cats, bears etc. At the permanent exhibition, third floor, Zoogeography hall.

The Ecological Center of Moscow: Do your aware of the ecological situation in Moscow and Moscow district? Get the full information upon the place you are interested. Print out and take away the Ecological Passport.

On the second floor, permanent exhibition.

Take a look inside! Have a tour trough the Museum storage. You will see the life at other side of the exhibitions. Never seen before!

On the second floor, permanent exhibition.

Bird's voices: Just press the bottom and enjoy birds songs from our audio collection. On the second floor of our permanent exhibition.

Exploring the Living Planet: A stunning large-format film at two large screens explores the living nature, narrated by stuff-member of SDM Gennady Kurilin. The powerful dolby-surround sound, luminous effects. Showed every day at 4.00 PM. On Saturday and Sunday midday, 2.00 PM, 4.30 PM.

At the Central Hall of Our Museum.

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