Journey with animals - Augmented reality

Interactive exhibit

Dear visitors!
Please note that the interactive complex
“Journey with animals - Augmented reality”
Doesn’t work during excursions

In 2014 the State Darwin museum presented to its visitors an unusual New Year gift. A new interactive complex named “Journey with animals” was opened on the 14th of January on the 3rd floor of the museum in one of the most beautiful halls “Zoogeography”. New technologies of augmented reality revive selected animals in showcases, after which they leave their home and join visitors on the screen. Visitors can take a picture or record a video of them standing by a life size lion, Galápagos tortoise, ring-tailed lemur, gerenuk and ostrich.

At first glance, the exposition of the museum remains the same. Inhabitants of savannas and tropical forests, islands and continents meet adults and children. But once you reach a magic spot, the world around you changes. Wild animals come to life on a huge screen right before your eyes and rush to the visitors. The online interaction leaves no doubt in the reality of situation.

Each model of the animal in the interactive complex "Journey with animals " includes all external biological features of its prototype, and their movements were programmed according to particular behavioral characteristics of the living analogues. All animals make sounds typical for their species. The chance to interact with such animals in real life encourages young visitors to become more curious and creative. And of course it’s great fun!

Incredibly realistic models and their sudden appearance, simple operation and a completely free and safe opportunity to approach wild animals of savannas and tropical forests guarantee an exciting and experience and unforgettable memories.

шоу интерактивная экспозиция


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