Familiar pig

Conceptual environmental posters by Mikhail Akimov

27 February 2018 — 22 April 2018

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A series of 20 posters by Mikhail Akimov “A familiar pig” is dedicated to the issue of the relationship between man and nature. How often do we think about our environment? Is our attitude towards nature, its great beauty and resources reasonable at all times? Mikhail Akimov created the series of ironical posters with caricature images revealing the wounds of not only nature but humans too.

The artist took part in many expeditions in Russia and abroad where he could see how people’s activities negatively affect the planet we live on. Mikhail thinks that such character traits as indifference and greed are the main factors contributing to the problem.

All posters have a single form of reading: the upper slogan is a problem that does not have an instant solution; the lower one is a way of solving it on a personal level; the text inside the poster is associated with the depicted story.  

Mikhail Akimov was born in Moscow in 1964. He graduated a school in biology and was an active member of the young naturalists club under the guidance of A.I. Bykhov. Mikhail graduated Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) in 1990 and participated in the polar expeditions to the Kolguyev Island and the Solovetsky Islands. He has a working experience in the fields of animation, documentary, design of public interiors, monumental art and book graphics. Mikhail is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. He lives and works in Moscow.


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Moscow, Vavilova str., 57
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