The selection of animalistic sculptures by Artyom Vlasov and tapestry by Andrey Madekin

8 March 2018 — 6 May 2018

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The new heroes of the exhibition project “Sculpture/Tapestry” presented at the Darwin museum are fantastic animals from ancient and medieval mythology. The creative tandem of a sculptor Artyom Vlasov and a tapestry artist Andrey Madekin unites culture and a prehistoric connection with nature.

Sculpture and weaving are one of the most ancient kinds of art which started developing in the Stone Age and evolved along with humans, from creating simple practical and ritual items to modern works of art.

Each artist has his own perception and style, special topics and techniques. Since early childhood, Artyom Vlasov was surrounded by his favourite pets, so the artist keeps coming back to depicting them. “Animals, especially birds, are the closest creatures to me among the entire world around us. I always have a few several dozens of singing birds at home”, - says the sculptor.

Ancient and medieval mythology is the favourite topic of Andrey Madekin. Many ideas of his art works are devoted to wonderful metamorphoses. The gobelin “The Lady and the Unicorn” reminds us of a beautiful medieval legend, especially popular in the XVth century in France, about a unicorn that can be seen only by a pure and beautiful lady.

Artyom Vlasov. Fallow deer. Bronze, 2011.

Artyom Vlasov. Lioness. Bronze, 2009.

Andrey Madekin. “The Lady and the Unicorn”. Gobelin, 2003.

Andrey Madekin. White lion. 

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