Nature and fantasy

The new exhibition of the Moscow city club "Nature and creativity"

16 March 2018 — 22 April 2018

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How can you give a second life to dry flowers, interesting snags or fallen leaves? The artists of the Moscow city club “Nature and creativity” will share the precise recipe for this miracle by presenting their new works at the traditional spring exhibition held at the Darwin museum. The creative season will be opened by five sections of the club: the forest sculpture, the decorative panel, inlay in wood, weaving with reeds and the art of flower arrangement. The exhibition includes educational master-classes for children and adults.

The Moscow city club “Nature and creativity” is a society of independent artists creating their artworks from natural material. One of the main principles is preserving the natural colours of plants and a natural shape of wood.

The “Nature and creativity” club was founded over 50 years ago. A great number of amazing artsworks has been created over the past years. Love of nature and a special perception of its beauty unite the members of this club.

The exhibition at the State Darwin Museum features over 200 artworks. The presented exhibits are the continuation of the life of nature. All works are created using natural material and amaze with its warmth and beauty.

During master-classes, the artists will help to master the skills of working with natural materials and creating together with nature.

Адрес и часы работы музея:

Moscow, Vavilova str., 57
today from 10:00 to 18:00
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