The great master of taxidermy

The exhibition is dedicated to the 110th birth anniversary of N.K. Nazmov

27 February 2018 — 24 June 2018

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The exhibition “The master of taxidermy” features the story about one of the most brilliant taxidermists of the XXth century, an artist-taxidermist Nikolay Konstantinovich Nazmov (1908-1998), a master of rare profession, a sculptor of wildlife and a truly inspired artist.

One of his famous works is a large-scale hunting scene “Wolves attacking an elk”, presented in the “Microevolution” hall.  It’s an outstanding masterpiece of taxidermy that gives a strong realistic impression. Nikolay Nazmov was one of the founders and developers of sculptural taxidermy in Russia. It’s a unique method to make durable and naturally looking stuffed animals.

N.K. Nazmov was born on 3 March 1908 in Tula, in the family of an artist. The first lessons of love for nature, which gave him his father, were decisive in the life of Nikolay. The civil war changed the boy's life, he became an orphan and was brought up in the Ryazan orphanage. His creative abilities were noticed by teachers, and Nikolay was sent to study in Moscow where he was taught by the most proficient and experienced masters.    

In his works everything is thought over to the smallest details. Nikolay used to say that a taxidermist should be a zoologist and a botanist. He should know the details of anatomy, peculiarities of animal behaviour and natural environment. The work that went through his hands, heart and soul was supposed to create a strong response among visitors, inspire them to love nature as much as the master loved all his life. His works show great curiosity, a deep respect for animals and profound knowledge about their character, habits and life in nature.

The exhibition presents exhibits from the funds and archive of the State Darwin Museum.

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