The incredible universe of goats

Goats in nature, culture and art

6 March 2018 — 20 May 2018

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The new exhibition welcomes you to explore the wonderful universe of goats. The project displays almost 800 different goats from the private collection of Elena Kalnitskaya including beautiful toys, mysterious antique items and all kinds of statuettes from all over the world.   

An art historian Elena Kalnitskaya started collecting the figures and images of goats almost 25 years ago. Now the entire collection consists of 3500 objects. A special part of the exhibition will be thematic interiors such as a goat’s kitchen or a study, and a goat’s playground for children with toys and cartoons.

Elena Kalnitskaya encourages avoiding stereotypes: there are many admirable traits in the stubborn character of goats. These animals played a significant role in the development of human culture and civilization. Biologists say that goats are actually highly organized and very smart animals. According to legends, goats helped people to discover the properties of coffee and wine, which has a scientific explanation: these animals have one and a half times more taste buds than humans. 

The entire family Bovidae is presented by the muskoxen, aurochs, chamois, antelopes and domestic goats from the collection of the State Darwin museum. 

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