Ecology without Borders

Participants of International Video Art Festival Now&After'16

22 October 2016 — 29 November 2016

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Participants of International Video Art Festival Now&After'16

We received about 800 submissions from 63 countries dedicated to this year’s theme “Ecology without Borders”. Works that have been selected for the festival will be presented at The State Darwin Museum Octoberl 22nd – November 29th. Moreover, we will show Now&After'16 special program, which includes projects of festivals from Italy, Germany, France, USA, Greece, program of Russian video artists, etc.


The sixth edition of the Festival will take place at The State Darwin Museum from October 22 till November 29, 2016.

Ecology studies interactions among organisms and their environment.

In today's world the meaning of the term “ecology” has gone far beyond the field of biology. Speaking about the ecology in a broad sense, we often have in mind the ethical component. We are talking about the ecology of culture, social ecology, political ecology, the ecology of relationships, etc., and not to forget about studying the complex relationship between humans and the environment.

So what do the artists focus on?

·        Ecology as a relationship between the organisms and the environment or ecology in a general sense?

·        Environmental catastrophes or ecological balance maintaining?

·        Relationships between humans and the environment or the life of nature itself?

·        The growth of cities or rural ecosystems development?

·        Social or cultural ecology?

·        Ecology of the relationships among people or between people and animals?

·        Alienation from nature or integration with it?

·        Contamination of the environment or preservation of untouched nature?

Now&After'16  is organized by  Media Art Center Now&After

Now&After'16  co-organizer – the State Darwin Museum

Festival Director and Curator – Marina Fomenko

Competition program

  1. Jan Adriaans, Stay, the Netherlands, 2015, 06:21
  2. Еlena Artemenko, Soft Power, Russia, 2016, 10:00
  3. Veronika Burger, Songs of Fortune, Austria, 2015, 08:39
  4. Aida Colomenero Diaz, Exodus, Spain, 2015, 03:30
  5. Furen Dai, Commandments for Women, USA, 2015, 05:11
  6. Cristiana De Marchi, Doing&Undoing. Motherhood, Lebanon, 2014, 04:40
  7. Addoley Dzegede, The Crazies, USA, 2014, 02:51
  8. Luca Ferri, Tottori, Italy, 2016, 06:00
  9. Fonte&Poe, Claim, Italy, 2015, 02:42
  10. Marie-France Giraudon, Entro(SCO)py, Canada, 2016, 15:30
  11. Nick Jordan, The Atom Station, UK, 2015, 13:20
  12. Clara J:son Borg, Scores towards a baroque care, the Netherlands, 2016, 06:06
  13. Anna Lindemann, Beetle Bluffs, USA, 2013, 11:35
  14. Anuk Miladinovic, Parting. Dedicated to RM, Switzerland, 2015, 07:31
  15. Frédéric Moffet, The Magic Hedge, Canada, 2015, 09:00
  16. Liza Morozova, Screws, Russia, 2015, 03:45
  17. Denis Mustafin, Death Scene, Russia, 2014, 01:00
  18. Christian Niccoli, Untitled, Germany, 2013, 04:10
  19. Slava Otrokhov, Anna Kortyukova, Albert Soldatov, New_Cheremushki, Russia,2016, 12:30
  20. Benjamin Ramírez Pérez, A Fire in My Brain that Separates Us, Germany, 2015, 15:00
  21. Augustin Rebetez, Birds, Switzerland, 2014, 06:00
  22. Keri Rosebraugh, A Letter to My Sister, Italy, 2015, 09:00
  23. Katerina Sidorova, Act 4. Farewell, the Netherlands, 2016, 05:00
  24. Maryam Tafakory, Fragments of a Letter to a Child Unborn, UK, 2015, 05:00
  25. Yael Toren, Earth, Israel, 2015, 02:52
  26. Nancy Wyllie, Moth Vitals, USA, 2015, 04:07
  27. Takayuki Yoshida, Ponpoko Mountain, Japan, 2016, 10:00
  28. Pim Zwier, All what is somehow useful, the Netherlands, 2013, 07:38

Non-competition program

  1. rc campos, Coal for your eyes to touch, Brazil, 2016, 03:20
  2. Natasha Dahnberg, Headache, Sweden, 2016, 02:40
  3. Shaun Gladwell, Skateboarders vs Minimalism, UK, 2015, 53:28
  4. Reza Golchin, Class, Iran, 2016, 01:49
  5. Konstantin Krylovsky, A Letter to Lucy, Russia, 2016, 02:35
  6. Thomas Kyhn Rovsing Hjørnet, Discipline and phylogeny, Denmark, 2013, 01:42
  7. Nuno Manuel Pereira, The Kingdom, Portugal, 2013, 02:38
  8. Jean-Michel Rolland, The Race, France, 2013, 03:45
  9. Lyuba Sautina, Plastic Flowers, Russia, 2016, 02:30
  10. Alysse Stepanian, #MemoryoftheUniverse. Syria Planum: For Water for Oil, USA, 2016, 07:22
  11. Sofia Slonim, Anna Kobylchenko, Sergey Samodin, Sergey’s Dream, Russia, 2016, 05:18

More information is available on Now&After'16 website or on the festival’s Facebook page.


29 November 2016
Мы рады объявить победителей конкурса видеоарта
Дорогие друзья! Мы рады объявить победителей конкурса видеоарта Сейчас&Потом'16!

Всех победителей можно посмотреть в течение дня - в последний день работы выставки!

1 место - Бенджамин Рамирес Перес, Огонь в моём мозгу, что разделяет нас, Германия (60 тыс. руб.)

2 место - Ник Джордан, Атомная станция, Великобритания (30 т. руб.)

3 место поделили Мари-Франс Жирадо, Энтро(СКО)пия, Канада, и Кристиан Никколи, Без названия, Германия (20 тыс. руб.)

Лучшее российское видео - Елена Артеменко, Мягкое оружие, Россия (10 тыс. руб.)

Специальное упоминание жюри
Аида Коломенеро Диас, Исход, Испания
Огюстен Ребетес, Птицы, Швейцария
Лука Ферри, Тоттори, Италия

Dear friends, We are happy to announce Now&After’16 winners!

1 prize - Benjamin Ramírez Pérez, A Fire in My Brain that Separates Us, Germany (60,000 RUB)

2 prize - Nick Jordan, The Atom Station, UK (30,000 RUB)

3 prize shared Marie-France Giraudon, Entro(SCO)py, Canada, and Christian Niccoli, Untitled, Germany (20,000 RUB)

Best Russian Video - Еlena Artemenko, Soft Power (10,000 RUB)

Honorary Jury Mention
Aida Colomenero Diaz, Exodus, Spain
Luca Ferri, Tottori, Italy
Augustin Rebetez, Birds, Switzerland

1 место

1 место

2 место

2 место

3 место

3 место

3 место

3 место

Aida Colmenero Diaz

Aida Colmenero Diaz

Augustin Rebetez

Augustin Rebetez

luca ferri

luca ferri

Адрес и часы работы музея:

Moscow, Vavilova str., 57
today from 10:00 to 18:00
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