The relationship between man and nature

A sociocultural system created by man turned him into an exceptionally powerful geological force which enabled him to shape the development of the entire planet. The contradiction between biological and social peculiarities became evident at very early stages in the history of modern humans. The extermination of mammoths, bisons, and other large species 15-10 thousand years ago can be considered the first ecological crisis. Humans were forced to seek new sources of food, cattle breeding and farming replaced hunting and gathering about 9 thousand years ago, different technologies such as pottery and metallurgy started to develop. Humans created a special living environment. Cities, apart from obvious advantages, have a number of significant drawbacks: contaminated water and air, increased radiation and electromagnetic waves, constant noise and overpopulation. The current environmental crisis has a great impact on vital areas of human existence. It exposes the crucial and deep interdependence in the relationship between man and nature.


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