Youth Creative Innovation Centre “Bionic Lab”

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Our working hours are 10:00 - 18:00, Tuesday to Sunday (13:00 - 21:00 Thursday).

Youth Creative Innovation Centre “Bionic Lab” at the State Darwin museum is an inventive laboratory which includes thematic classes and clubs, individual and group classes, individual consultations on 3D modeling, robotics and electronics. This centre will help to unlock the creative potential within both kids and adults. The “Bionic Lab” centre is situated at the exhibition complex of the State Darwin museum, class room 343.

The basic principle of our laboratory is to help all visitors learn various practical skills with pleasure. Individual projects and group activities will help children to understand science and use their knowledge in Physics and Mechanics to implement their own project. All participants will not only learn many new interesting things, but also have a professional orientation in programming, electronics, and robotics.

Classes are taught by experienced professionals in electronics, automation, robotics, and programming. In the electronics and robotics club children learn how to compose electronic circuits, design robots or program a microcontroller in C and “Assembly” languages. Young visitors will gain skills in such useful areas as engineering, design and engineering computer programs (vector graphics and 3D modeling). Our high-tech equipment will help you to implement your most creative ideas. The list includes such projects as a tesla coil, humanoid robot “InMoov”, automated vivarium system, Quadcopter, robots for construction and installation works, robotic constructor, unmanned aerial vehicle based on Coanda Effect and many others.

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Sat Sun занятие по электронике

Головоломка Танграм

23, 30 June, 14 July мастер-класс по изготовлению головоломки

Головоломка Костюкова

22, 29 June, 6 July мастер-класс по изготовлению головоломки


Sat Sun

Язык роботов

занятие по электронике
23, 30 June, 14 July

Головоломка Танграм

мастер-класс по изготовлению головоломки
22, 29 June, 6 July

Головоломка Костюкова

мастер-класс по изготовлению головоломки

Адрес и часы работы музея:

Moscow, Vavilova str., 57
today from 10:00 to 18:00
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