Biology Club

The Bio Club was founded by the main keeper of the State Darwin Museum P.P. Smolin over 60 years ago and has been very popular among school students for many decades. It welcomes all children aged 11-12 and teenagers, offering the opportunity to travel, explore the world of nature and become not only talented but also educated and experienced young naturalists.  

Юннаты делают ботаническое в таежном лесу

Young biologists in the Taiga forest

Занятия кружка на полевом выезде

During expedition

Олимпиада по ботанике

Competition in Botany

Награждение победителей Зеленой олимпиады

Awarding the winners

Научная конференция Смолинские чтения в Дарвиновском музее

Giving presentation

Смолинские чтения

Scientific conference for young biologists at the Darwin Museum

Поближе к природе

Closer to nature

Biology Club Art Studio