9 December 2016

Donation to the museum

К выставке "Экология без границ"

December 9, 2016 participants of the recently concluded exhibition "Ecology without borders" of video artists Nancy Wiley and Anna Lindman presented as a donation to the museum two videos from two different sections of the exhibition, included in the competition program of "Now & After" festival "Ecology without borders."

We are pleased to present them to your attention!

Moth Vitals

Nancy Wyllie, Moth Vitals, USA, 2015, 04:07
Moth Vitals is a short doc about two extraordinary cases seen by RI Department of Environmental Management Veterinarian Dr. Peter Belinsky. His reflections on the requests made by long time clients who share an extraordinary reverence for life ask all of us to make no distinction between higher and lower organisms; to extend our circle of compassion to all living things and to fully embrace the mystery that is life.


Beetle Bluffs

Anna Lindemann, Beetle Bluffs, USA, 2013, 11:35
Anna Lindemann’s animated film "Beetle Bluffs" captures the beauty and complexity of an ecological system, illuminating the dynamics of nine beetle mimics and their wary lizard predator. Developed in collaboration with the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, the film is inspired by a pioneering 1938 paper on beetle mimicry by Philip Darlington, a former curator of the museum. Using artifacts from Darlington’s research, and the insect specimens cited in the original paper, the film brings to life the stories that accompany each specimen within a natural history collection and captures one scientist’s relationship to his animal subjects. The music for "Beetle Bluffs" was inspired by the beetle mimics’ biology and Cuban habitat.


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