16 September 2021

The painting «I.V.Michurin and M.I. Kalinin» by V.M. Evstafiev gifted to the museum by the artist's family

On September 16, A. B. Nefedova, the curator of Fine Arts at the State Darwin Museum gave a tour at the exhibition «Constellation of Talents». The exhibition is devoted to the 130th anniversary of S. S. Turov, the 115th anniversary of G. E. Nikolsky, the 105th anniversary of V. M. Evstafyev, and the 90th anniversary of V. M. Smirin. The children of the artist Viktor Mikhailovich Evstafyev (1916-1989) Viktor Viktorovich Evstafyev and Elena Viktorovna Kievskaya donated their father's painting «I. V. Michurin and M. I. Kalinin» to the museum. 

V. M. Evstafyev is a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, and master of historical and portrait genres. From 1947 to 1960, he worked with the State Darwin Museum. This collaboration resulted in a wonderful series of graphic works, paintings, and sculptures.  The founder and first director of the State Darwin Museum Alexander Fedorovich Kohts entrusted him to do portraits of famous military leaders and prominent scientists, as well as to continue series of biographical paintings about the life of Charles Darwin and I.V. Michurin. Working on his paintings, Evstafyev visited a lot of places including the city Michurinsk, where famous Russian biologist and plant breeder I. V. Michurin had lived. On the painting gifted to the museum, Michurin is depicted together with soviet politician M.I. Kalinin.


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